This is the inaugural post for Death Notices’ “End of Life Blog”. We welcome your input and suggestions for relevant content that will help those who are grieving. We would like the topics we publish to be driven by you, our followers. By sharing, it’s another step in the healing process during the most difficult of times. And of course, your comments are encouraged.  

How we started……

OUR website, DEATHNOTICES.ONLINE  www.deathnotices.online was formed when the local newspaper closed its’ doors after publishing for over 100 years.

Active in our faith community, it soon became apparent that we were no longer aware when a member of our parish passed away until after the wake and/or service. Many of our parishioner’s families were not posting the obituary in the City Newspaper Publication. When my Mom passed away, we soon found out why people were deterred, the cost.

When doing research for DEATHNOTICES.ONLINE, we found that only 11% of the population was reached by the Metropolitan Newspaper in our area of 1.5M people and the average cost was $850.00. When taking our research to a National Level, the reach was even less.

We did some Social Media research and found, Facebook alone has 1.2B Users and the number continues to rise. This does not even include Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and other forms of Social Media. The decision to publish on these platforms made the most sense.

Our goal is to make DEATHNOTICES.ONLINE, a global repository by offering affordable access and respect to families under the most difficult of times.

Why Choose Us

Of course, most Funeral Homes published their own websites, but we wanted to make it easy for people to find the information by not having to search in multiple places.

If you choose to have your Funeral Director prepare the obituary, we will give them the ability to post the name of the deceased on DEATHNOTICES.ONLINE and a link to the Funeral Home Obituary, at No Cost. Please have them contact us: deathnotices.online/contact-us/

If you choose to create the obituary, please follow this link: deathnotices.online/submit-an-obituary/. There are no character limitations, you will have the ability to include a photo, there will be no cost to view and this all-important and time-sensitive information will be immediately available and accessible forever. No cost to Veterans or Active Duty Military.

At DEATHNOTICES.ONLINE, we have made it affordable, easy to compose, in good taste, and is respectfully presented with the focus on your loved one.

You can also register your email to automatically receive the most current obituaries: deathnotices.online/join-our-mailing-list/

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