Know Your Rights Under FTC Funeral Rule When Planning End of Life Services

Know Your Rights Under FTC Funeral Rule When Planning End of Life Services

Talking about end of life service planning isn’t really an easy topic for anyone to think about. Many of us don’t know too much about it until it faces us head on. Here on our blog we aim to provide general insights and resources for the people of WNY regarding planning around someone’s death. One component that remains constant is what’s known as the FTC Funeral Rule. We want to outline some of these key points as a resource, and you can find more on local funeral services around WNY on our map page.

The bottom line is the Federal Trade Commission makes it possible for you to choose only goods and services you want or need, and pay only when those you select, whether you are making arrangements when a death occurs or in advance.

The Funeral Rule allows anyone to compare funeral home prices, and the specific funeral arrangements you want at whichever WNY funeral home you choose. (The Rule does not apply to third-party sellers)

There are many stipulations to The Rule, but we wanted to highlight a few key Rights that you should be aware of as we grow older.

Here are a few things that The FTC Funeral Rule gives you a right to do:

Buy Only Funeral Arrangements that you Want*

You do have the right to buy different goods and services. You do not have to accept a ‘package’ deal that could include things you don’t want

Get Pricing Over the Phone

Directors of Funeral Homes are required to provide you with any pricing information you need over the phone, as long as you ask for it. You aren’t entitled to provide them with any of your personal information.

Get an Itemized Price List When You Visit

Any WNY funeral home must give you a GPL, or General Price List that is yours to keep. It lists all available items and services that the funeral home offers, along with Cost.

See All Pricing Prior to Viewing Products

When looking at things like casket pricing, or outer burial container pricing, which is all part of the process of burial, you are entitled to see all available pricing prior to viewing the products. A lot of times casket pricing or burial container pricing is on a separate list than the aforementioned GPL general list. You have the right to see these prices.

Use a Casket or Urn from Somewhere Other than Funeral Home

The funeral providers cannot refuse to handle a casket or urn you bought online, at another store, or anywhere else. They also may not charge you a fee to use this alternative. The funeral home cannot require you to be there when the casket or urn is delivered.

These are a few key points that are mentioned when looking at the FTC Funeral Rule, but not everything. We encourage you to further research the FTC Funeral Rule when searching for the right funeral home services in WNY. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us via our contact form. We also have a find funeral services map here on our website to enable you easy searchability.

Click the Image below for a full rundown of Funeral Rule Rights from the FTC.


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