Funeral Catering in WNY | Things to Think About for After the Ceremony

Funeral Catering in WNY | Things to Think About for After the Ceremony

Amongst all the activity and planning surrounding the death of a loved one, it can be easy to forget about details. One thing that’s become more popular over the years is renting out some space for a private catered event following the memorial services. Finding a place to find a private space can be difficult without time in advance, so we wanted to talk a little bit about what you can do in short notice to find an appropriate space for a gathering. We encourage local WNY restaurants that cater funeral gatherings to register here on our site, where you can add your business to our business directory map. Here are a few things to think about when looking for funeral brunch catering around Buffalo NY.

How Many People?

One of the first things that any restaurant will ask surrounding booking a private funeral gathering event is a head count. Clearly, because this is short notice and there may be many people in attendance at the funeral home services, you may need to limit the invitations. You could take a head count of people who are family, or closed to your loved one. Usually, your pricing for a private event will be based on a per/head or per/person price.

Either way, getting together a group of people for an off site private gathering can help with the grieving process. It helps to put the group in another space, and enables people the freedom to express themselves without being in the confines of the funeral home, where some may be uncomfortable.

How Much Food Do You Need?

You can expect one of the next questions to be surrounding the obvious, what are people going to eat? Some folks enjoy sitting down and having a nice brunch meal. Some may just enjoy more of a cocktail style event, with some appetizers and finger foods to go around, or in a centralized location. This is a stressful time, but this can be a really relieving process if you work closely with the caterer to enhance everyone’s experience. You’ll want to find a place who can provide quality, but understanding the importance of budget, find the most efficient way where people will be able to converse and enjoy themselves.

How Much Time Do You Need?

Again, this process of booking a private space usually happens weeks or months in advance. Understanding that a death in the family isn’t something that anyone is necessarily ready for, restaurants around WNY aren’t necessarily ready either. Weekends are always the busiest for restaurants, but week days may not be. You may need to call around a few places to ensure availability for the time that you need. Also remember that if you have visitors coming in from out of town, having a place that isn’t too far from the funeral home could be helpful. Once you’ve settled on a time, that will be the time that the restaurant provides for you, so you’ll want to keep on a prompt schedule.

Having a little get together following a memorial service can be a great way to celebrate someones life. Once the proper arrangements have been made, following a wake or burial service, everyone can take a little break from the funeral home scene. It isn’t easy to cope anywhere, but some people get very uncomfortable in these spaces.

Once again, we welcome any restaurants around WNY who provide catering for funeral breakfasts or lunches to reach out and add themselves to our business directory. We aim to provide resources for people around WNY to find the best services they can find for their loved one.

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