Friends for Life | Dealing With the Loss of a Friend’s Parent

Friends for Life | Dealing With the Loss of a Friend’s Parent

Losing a parent is something that no one wants to deal with. Unfortunately it’s something that will happen to all of us, but sometimes it’s not a direct family member or someone we spent a lot of time with who we find ourselves mourning over when it comes to the end of life. When a close friend loses a parent, the pain they go through is felt through many different ways. There is a certain crossroads we all go through when becoming someone who has lost a parent. Some of us have already learned what it’s like, but what if we haven’t felt this before? It’s not always easy to empathize for a close friend when we don’t know how we can help. Here are a few things to think about when dealing with the loss of a friend’s parent.

Do Something

This might seem simple, but how often do we hear “If you need anything, just let me know.” In the immediate hours and days following the death of a parent, it’s difficult to even think. Meaningless mindless tasks become another level of frustration. Keeping your head on straight during the funeral process is a task in itself. One way you can help is to just be the friend that shows up and just does something…anything. Without stepping on any toes, or getting in the way of course, help out in any way you can. Nothing is easy during this time for your friend, something like helping to unload the dishwasher or helping to fold laundry could provide a breath of relief. Sometimes just a helping hand can be the relief that a friend needs.

Bring Something

Sometimes something like cooking and preparing a meal is at the end of the to do list for people dealing with the loss of a parent. Making funeral arrangements, writing death notices, listing obituaries, finding a burial site are all mandatory moments of end of life. When going through something so tragic, bringing over something to eat can really help settle everyone down. Just a friend showing up with a hot meal can help make everything seem a little bit okay during moments like these.


There’s nothing more valuable you can give someone dealing with death than being the friend who won’t judge. When your friend is dealing with the death of a parent, so many emotions become released and boil over. The good, the bad, and the ugly are all triggered by any potential connection to a memory of the deceased. What people really need is to be able to talk to a person “backstage” so to speak, to enable them to outpour their emotions when not being in the spotlight. Everyone is trying to share their condolences and it can be difficult to release true emotions amongst so much public expression. Sometimes the best thing you can do is provide them that private safety to feel.

These are only a few ways you can help a person dealing with the loss of a parent. Every scenario is different and everyone has different needs. The bottom line is to find out where you can help, without needing to be asked, providing something that will help them through the trying time, and listen to their needs because you are their outlet. Being a friend is important, but being a good friend during these times makes the difference in being a friend for life. is a tool for individuals of Western New York to post digital death notices with images, videos, and detailed descriptions. If you’d like to talk to someone about anything during the end of life process, we also have relationships and tools you can use here on our site to help steer you in the right direction. Please don’t hesitate to contact us, we are always here to help.


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