First Steps in Writing a Death Announcement or Death Notice

First Steps in Writing a Death Announcement or Death Notice

The passing of a loved one is highly emotional time. Whether you are experiencing it for the first time or not, it’s never easy. The last thing on your mind during turbulent times like these is writing a death announcement. With the ability to publish a death notice online, using our tools, it doesn’t need to be difficult.

Reaching out via the local newspaper is helpful, but publishing an online death notice enables you to share the link via social media and through devices. You can be brief, or descriptive, that is up to you and your family, but it’s always best to at least provide the name of the departed, the date of death, and when a memorial service will be held.

First Steps in Writing a Basic Death Notice

Here on our website, you can publish a basic death notice to notify family and friends of the news. This is the simplest way if you feel overwhelmed to write anything else. You can keep it short, to just a few sentences.

  1. Announce the Death– Begin the announcement with a simple sentence stating who has died and on what date. You man also choose to include their age.
  2. Include Where the Death Occurred– Leaving out whatever details you want, you may choose to put in the zip code of the death, which can help you find potential services in your area here on our site.
  3. State What Level of Service is Planned– You may plan a mass, or a funeral, a memorial or viewing. Whatever the case, let it be known how people can make their final goodbyes and celebrate the life of your loved one.
  4. Identify Where People Can Send Donations– If you’d like to, you can choose to let your family and friends know where they can contriubute money in the memory of your loved one. If the person desired, make sure to mention any foundation or scholarship fund they can contribute to.

We wanted to help make posting an online death notice as seamless as possible. If you visit our publish a death notice page, you will see that it allows for a quick selection process, adding an image, and listing the funeral location. We include more detail in our obituary listing page, which helps you get the process started with text inputted already. Or you can just enter your own written obituary to be able to share online.

If you have any questions regarding planning a funeral, cremation, writing a death notice or anything please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via our contact form.



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