What’s the Difference between a Death Notice & an Obituary?

What’s the Difference between a Death Notice & an Obituary?

There are so many things going on when someone passes on. The emotional toll it takes on loved ones, can be multiplied by many different factors. One of the first things that needs to be done is informing the appropriate audience of what happened. We want to provide resources and information for anyone in need in the Buffalo and WNY area. Here are some basic thoughts when looking at obituaries and death notices.

What is an Obituary?

An obituary is a descriptive notice that announces the death of someone with notable life highlights and a list of family members to the deceased. Obituaries have been a part of the end of life process for centuries, as today we provide an online resource to share obituaries digitally. You can find this online, in a newspaper, or possibly within the funeral program.

Here are a few things you would want to include for an online public obituary.

  • Cause of Death
  • Military Service
  • Education
  • Religious Affiliations
  • Accomplishments, achievements, awards
  • Hobbies or Activities
  • Acts of humanitarianism
  • Participation in local or national organizations
  • Occupation and employment history
  • Publications either written about or by the deceased

So, What is a Death Notice?

Traditionally a death notice is a little less descriptive, and used primarily to provide details to the funeral arrangements of the deceased. It is informative, and would usually be found in newspapers, as an shorter option. Because newspapers charge for length and page space, this enabled a more cost effective solution to providing important information only.

Some basic points usually included in a death notice would be:

  • Full name
  • City or cities where they resided
  • Surviving Family and Relatives
  • Date, time and address of memorial service
  • Date, time and address of burial service
  • Officiating Clergy
  • Memorial contributions to be made in lieu of flowers to:
  • Photo

As you already know, Deathnotices.online provides a resource for sharing online obituaries and death notices for Buffalo NY residents, and enables one to share this link anywhere. The world has gone digital, and you don’t need to rely solely on a printed newspaper to inform and celebrate the life of a deceased loved one. Stay tuned to our blog for more frequently asked questions when dealing with the end of life process.

For information, please contact us immediately, as we are ALWAYS here to help as a valuable resource for the WNY community.


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