Choosing a Funeral Home | Things to Consider Before Making Any Calls

Choosing a Funeral Home | Things to Consider Before Making Any Calls

At some point in life we all go through it. Funeral planning is something that no one necessarily likes talking about. When we find ourselves in the crux of an end of life situation, it’s never easy for anyone. Despite the emotional turmoil, there are big decisions and work to be done. Everyone that touches the situation will have input, and it’s not always a simple solution. Pre planning things of this nature can be helpful, but not everyone is proactive in digging into these types of situations. When it comes time to decide on a funeral home, there are so many things to think about. Considering some of these factors can really help you along the path, give you the best experience possible, and maybe save you and your family some money along the way. Before making any phone calls, it’s important to think about these things.


Consult As a Group on Budget

Have you and the family ever talked about something like this before? Maybe you have, maybe not. Either way, it’s important to talk and communicate with those involved to reach a solution that everyone’s proud of. Shopping for a funeral home should be like any major life purchase, in that affordability should always be considered ahead of time.

It’s important to get input on specifics, like preferences of final arrangements. Was there any written instructions? Have arrangements already been prepaid? Be sure to check to look for any documentation in the decision making process before making any first moves.


Know Your Funeral Rights

You are entitled to several rights when it comes to dealing with a funeral home. For a full report on your Funeral Rights, take a look at this blog post. Here are a few main rights that the Federal Trade Commission’s Funeral Rule affirm. You have the right to:

  • Get pricing over the phone
  • A Written Itemized Price List
  • Buy Only Goods/Services You Want
  • Choose to Not Have Embalming
  • Use an Alternative Container Rather than casket for Cremation
  • Provide a Funeral Home with a Casket or Urn Purchased Somewhere Else
  • Receive a Written Statement once You Decide, But Before You Pay


Know Your Priorities

What’s most important in terms of location? Proximity is obviously important, but proximity to where? To your home, your place of worship, or the burial location? Have you worked with a funeral home in the past? What were the positives and negatives of that experience. It’s always important to get feedback from loved ones at this stage. You know how much you have to spend at this stage, so what type of experience are you looking for? Knowing what’s most important to your specific case can help ensure everything goes over as smoothly as possible.


Final Arrangement

Nobody likes to think about it, but a plan needs to be in place for the final arrangement of the body. People often share what they prefer with family before death. Have you considered what you’d want? Whatever you decide, write down your wishes in detail. When it comes to price of a funeral home, the arrangement choice is one of the biggest factors. Here are a few common methods.

  • Donate body to medical school for research- Some cases incurs no charge to survivors
  • Direct Cremation or Direct Burial- Very economical, no embalming or visitation
  • Funeral Service Held at Home
  • Green, Natural Burial- Can be very affordable and eco friendly
  • Traditional Earth Burial- With Embalming, visitation, and elaborate funeral service

You can find funeral planning FAQ’s and general information here on our blog. We aim to be a source of helpful information for individuals around Western New York to find the right funeral home and end of life services. We will continue to talk about how you can be better prepared when facing something of this magnitude. We will continue to focus on things to think about during various stages of the funeral planning process. Keep these things in perspective before making any first communication with a funeral home. For more info, feel free to comment or reach out via our contact form!

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