About Us

The idea for DEATHNOTICES.ONLINE was formed when the local newspaper closed its’ doors after publishing for over 100 years. Active in our faith community, it soon became apparent that we were no longer aware when a member of our parish passed away until after the wake and/or service. Many of our parishioner’s families were not posting the obituary in the City Newspaper Publication.

When my Mom passed away, we soon found out why people were deterred, the cost. Of course, the Funeral Home my family had used for generations published their own website and posted her obituary, but the question was? How would people know she was gone unless they went to all the local funeral homes websites on a daily basis?
Our goal is to make DEATHNOTICES.ONLINE, a global repository by offering affordable access and respect to families under the most difficult of times.

Why Choose Us

Whether you choose to have your Funeral Director prepare the obituary or choose to create yourself, this all-important and time-sensitive information will be immediately available. At DEATHNOTICES.ONLINE, our goal is to make it affordable, easy to compose, in good taste, and is respectfully presented with the focus on your loved one. Of course in this day of internet accessibility, most funeral homes have their own websites, you have the ability to post the name of the deceased on DEATHNOTICES.ONLINE and link the Funeral Home Obituary. No cost to Veterans.